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Since 2010, Humanity First USA has been collaborating with Humanity First Guatemala to implement direly needed health and human development projects. Our achievements in the last five years is a result of the dedication and support of our donors and volunteers of Humanity First USA and the remarkable performance of volunteers and staff members of Humanity First Guatemala.

As the plans for the future of Nasir Hospital come to fruition, it is important for Humanity First to share this information with our dedicated donors and to ask for your continued generous support. Major construction and landscape work is necessary as we begin to make our vision a reality. In addition to construction repairs, full-time staff, equipment, materials and other supplies will be necessary.

Please invest in the work of Humanity First today! All donations are tax deductible through Humanity First USA, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

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In every Humanity First project across 6 continents, our dedicated volunteers have worked alongside local teams to successfully carry out our vision of serving humanity. We welcome medical volunteers of all backgrounds and experience, as integral members of our healthcare team and rely on them for their expertise and enthusiasm. The professional and cultural interaction between Guatemalan and our international colleagues has provided Humanity First with a wide pool of skills and talent from which our organization can grow and prosper.

Join hands with Humanity First to be a part of this exciting project! We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet and work with you soon. To learn more about upcoming opportunities, fill out the application formĀ on this link.